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We scour the web searching for websites that Google likes (high-quality sites with real organic traffic) and then negotiate deals for link placements using high-quality, relevant content. We will then deliver a highly-relevant, contextual link for your niche at the price point and metrics that you are comfortable with.

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We perform outreach at scale with highly optimized processes. This allows us to keep our costs low. By spreading these costs over hundreds of links built every month we can pass the cost savings to our link buyers. We negotiate hard based on bulk buying with webmasters. This allows us to get webmaster fees that are much lower than those made available to most people who try outreach for their sites.

We are so effective in this outreach that as of now we have 25,000+ domains in our link inventory and we add about 150 completely new sites, every single week.

We also have a team of high-quality, tried and tested content writers that can produce all of the content we need, so that you don't have to.

Natural Links, Zero Footprint

To keep our links natural we make sure to create a nature looking link profile, through a good mix of prospect sites, topics with relevance, a good mixture of anchors. We also maintain a good homepage to inner link ratio.

Our content is diversified and we create diversified authority links on pages where we are building links to ensure that no footprint is created through the link buildingp rocess.


iGaming and Casino SEO


We’ve been in the iGaming and Casino SEO backlinks industry for 15+ years and we truly understand the demands of this competitive SEO industry. You’ve worked in the iGaming niche, so you know how hard it is to get high-quality links, even if you have the budget. 99% of websites you speak to will not touch a casino link if their life depended on it. Scaling up is incredibly hard and time consuming. We have been doing affiliate and operator SEO for several years and we’ve got the relationships in place to be able to get links quickly and at scale.



Instalinko is based in sunny Malta with a management and tech team with combined 50+ years experience working in the gaming industry, tech and digital marketing we truly understand the demands of the industry.

Whether you have clients in hard to rank niches, or want to rank up your existing portfolio of sites, our inventory of sites will help you scale up your links and off-page SEO instantly - Instalinko!

While links remain one of the strongest ranking signals, acquiring them at scale remains incredibly hard. We’ve built resilient SOPs including state-of-the-art custom, in-house custom platforms to manage and acquire links, all while keeping the highest levels of quality.

How to Buy Backlinks : A Complete Guide on Link Building and Paid Links Services

Have you noticed that your site is not getting as much organic traffic as it should despite its great content?

First of all, you need to understand that you’re not facing this problem alone; this could be an issue with a lack of good SEO backlinks. Website owners that are working on their SEO generally find it challenging to rank relevant websites without getting quality backlinks to the pages that they need to rank.

This is where you idea of buying backlinks starts to become more attractive.

Before you decide that you need to build links, it is important to know how many backlinks are needed for your site to make progress in its rankings.

Every post on a site needs a certain number of backlinks to in order to rank. However, getting these backlinks can be tedious and very time-consuming job.

You also cannot get just any backlinks. You’ll need high-quality backlinks for them to work at all.

When one considers all this, one may find it more reasonable to simply find a good source where you can buy backlinks in order to help with your rankings.

While buying backlinks isn’t exactly a problem, there are certain aspects of backlink buying that a site owner must keep in mind.

Keep reading to learn more about link building and buying quality backlinks for relevant sites.

seo traffic going down

The Art of Link Building

Link building is the SEO strategy of creating backlinks, or getting other websites to links to yours. Internet users may hop from one website to another with the use of hyperlinks. These links could either be inbound links or outbound links.

Inbound links are those hyperlinks that lead traffic to other posts on the same domain. Outbound links or external links, on the other hand, lead traffic to other sites that are relevant to the post in one way or the other. Users can follow links inside your site and also follow links to other sites.

Quality backlinks are the lifeblood of search engines since they allow them to crawl the whole web. Links to your website are essentially a “good vote” from that website linking to yours, that they approve of your content and would recommend it. 

Using this logic, across billions of links, Google and other search engines can determine which are the best sites to rank. The simple logic is, the more links a website has, the more “votes” is has, so the better this site should rank.

Obviously, this is a simplistic explanation, and there are hundreds of other factors involved in rankings, but links remain one of the strongest rankings signals.

The holy grail of search engine optimization is to build links without huge SEO efforts. Long-term success is something a website owner should constantly be working for. You do this by making your website worthy of attracting links. You can either provide an excellent product or feature of your service or create outstanding material that is cited by other website owners.

But in an ever more competitive online industry, just waiting for links to be created through citations is a fool’s game,

Any SEO strategy must also entail a way of building links to a website or page that needs to be ranked.

There is a wide variety of link building strategies that can be employed to boost authority and, by extension, search engine rankings and the volume of organically-sourced traffic they generate. This is where selling links and link buying come into the equation.

What Are Some Strategies for Building Links?

Below are some of the most excellent link building strategies to grow high-quality backlinks:

Broken Link Building

Broken links are outdated or no longer active references to content that has been removed. It’s not uncommon for bloggers or website owners to be blissfully unaware of the existence of dead links on their pages.

If you want a certain website to link to yours and you don’t have a budget but have a lot of time on your hands, don’t jump on buying links. You can start your link building by checking for broken links.

Essentially, the way this works is this. You find a site you want a link from and you use a variety of tools to check if there any broken links on that site.

If you find any, contact the site’s owner and suggest they replace the broken links with high quality backlinks to an appropriate page on your site.

It’s a win-win situation; you get a backlink from a reputable source, and the blogger gets to replace an outdated link. This strategy is excellent since it requires much less effort than coming up with brand-new, unique material because you are essentially offering what you already have.

Content-Based Link Building

You can’t earn backlinks if your material isn’t useful for your intended audience. Though this is a simple strategy, it may be really effective for buying backlinks. Content-based link building is all about developing content that you know will resonate with a specific demographic and then reaching out to them.

The ultimate aim is to reach a point where you no longer need to ask for each link you are given. Stay on the radar of the people that matter in your field by making contact with them, consistently producing high-quality material, and maintaining a strong online presence. You’ll have to ask these influencers for a backlink a few times, but if your material is good, they’ll start promoting it on their site without you having to ask again.

Paid Guest Post

Using guest posts is a no-brainer when it comes to building a network of inbound connections. If you allow other websites to guest post your original content, you may see an increase in the number of links pointing to your site. You can even try paid guest posts with a top website.

Once again, many marketers misused this method by uploading over-optimized, meaningless content in an attempt to get free links. Google has spoken out against this practice and now only high-quality, helpful content will suffice.

What Is Buying Backlinks?

Purchasing links (also known as a paid link) involves compensating the owner of another website in exchange for a connection to your own. The usual strategy is to buy quality backlinks in as many quantities as possible. Site owners buy backlinks with hopes of increasing the site’s position in Google’s search engine ranking.

Different Forms of Buying Backlinks

There are different approaches you can use when you want to buy backlinks. These different types vary based on the link buying process and operation. Below are the ways to buy backlinks:

Paid Directory Listing

This link building services involve paying to list an article from your website on a directory on a platform. Google will give greater weight to your listing as a result. With this, you get more traffic.

This is a fairly old strategy which no longer has much effect except in low-competitions local rankings.

Paid Links Placement

This is when you pay a site selling links to hyperlink words or sentences on their posts to yours. This form of link buying results in more traffic and makes your site more visible to Google.

Guest Posting

The link building services of guest posting is the most common these days. Guest posting is where you reach out to websites in your industry and create a high-quality article which they will feature. This guest post would then link to yours as a way of acquiring back links.

Up to a few years ago, free guest posts were all the rage. But today, very few websites will allow you to guest post for free and most will ask for a publishing fee.

Instalinko is essentially a broker between people who want to buy links and website owners who offer guest posts against a publishing fee.

Private Blog Networks or PBN Links

Private Blogs are a reliable technique (if you know how to do them right). Many SEOs will buy backlinks from them for their powerful organic traffic. When you buy PBN backlinks that are high quality, most times, you will get good organic search traffic.

The problem is knowing whether a vendor offers good PBN backlinks.

This is a whole can of worms which we will offer more information about in later blogs.

Should You Purchase Backlinks?

You might have read that buying backlinks may result in penalties.

Buying backlinks is a type of link scheme in the eyes of Google. Link schemes cover all methods one may use to manipulate the Google search engine to yield search results for personal interests.

For search engines like Google, a paid link that conveys PageRank is a form of link scheme that should be avoided at all costs. Though PageRank might seem confusing; at first, you will contribute to your site’s PageRank when you buy quality backlinks.

However, there are two possible outcomes if Google discovers what it considers to be bought links or paid links leading to your site.

First, Google may penalize you for buying links by discounting them. These links will be effectively ignored; they will be on the site but wouldn’t truly exist.

Secondly, if your site violates Google’s webmaster guidelines when you buy links, you will be penalized by Google’s team of human reviewers. If this happens to you, Google may decide to remove all or part of your site from search results.

It’s clear that neither of these options when you buy backlinks is something you want. In this case, buying backlinks will either have little effect on your rankings. So, if you go ahead to choose to buy backlinks, bear these consequences in mind.

On thing to keep in mind though, that link buying happens at scale in most niches. 

If you don’t learn how to get backlinks to your site, you’re bound to be left behind.

What is important is that you get links from high-quality sites, sites with good metrics and most of all, good organic traffic.

After all, if a site is getting organic traffic from Google, then it must be a good site in their eyes.

It’s also important to make sure you don’t leave a footprint in your link-building.

At Instalinko, most of the sites on our lists are already high quality with good organic traffic, so you’ll be safe from the aspect of link-building.

How Much Do Backlinks Cost?

Typically, the price for buying backlinks varies depending on the specific website in question. However, do be careful of those that are selling backlinks cheaply, such as gigs on Fiverr.

Paid backlinks from dubious firms are typically purchased via abused personal blog networks (PBNs), link brokers, webmasters, and message boards.

You should probably avoid buying backlinks that are too cheap, if you care about the security of your website. That’s why it’s important to buy backlinks created through manual outreach such as the ones offered by Instalinko.

With that said, the cost of buying backlinks becomes the next topic of discussion.

To be honest, one can’t give a fixed price for buying links because several factors affect the price to buy quality backlinks.

Also, the method of promotion like paid guest posts, and the type of links like nofollow links and dofollow links count.

Factors Affecting the Cost When You Buy Backlinks

Remember that the backlinks cost to buy links a website owner require for your site’s ranking will depend on a number of criteria. Website oners must put all these into consideration before they buy backlinks:

1. Search Engine Rankings of the Website in Question

Budgetary considerations may be affected by the website type to which you wish to have agencies advertise. The majority of webmasters look for quality links from popular sites that sell links.

However, reaching out to such websites may be time-consuming and costly. You may need an outreach team to develop rapport with sites of such domain authority.

This will also cost you more money.

Simply bear in mind that the higher the site’s authority, the more difficult it is to get cheap backlinks.

Instalinko is able to do manual outreach at scale and spread the cost over a number of different clients.

This allows us to keep the costs minimal, costs savings which passed to you – our client.

2. Your Brand’s Creative Control

Your brand’s amount of creative control has an effect on buying backlinks. The point is that the quality of your brand must be commendable if site owners are going to take you seriously. You should constantly take precautions to safeguard the reputation of your business.

3. Low and High Quality Content

The quality of the contents on your platform go a long way in buying links. High-traffic websites are picky about the material they feature. A legitimate, well-recognized site will want to post high quality content alone or link to such contents.

4. Brand Value and Strength

The value of your brand will determine your links cost on buying links. Having an established internet profile will increase your chances of receiving a positive reaction from the other companies you contact. The essential partners on your email list will respond quickly and frequently, resulting in swift offers.

5. The Industry in Question

The other aspect that affects the price of purchasing backlinks is the industry. Before you buy backlinks from a website, you have to make sure you’re in the same niche as the platform. It doesn’t have to necessarily be in the same niche though, but one that is closely related as you may even get free links.

On the other hand, high-competition niches such as casino will probably cost more when buying links.

6. Link Quality; High or Low Quality Links

The other aspect that impacts backlink buying and selling backlinks is the quality of the links themselves. Of course, it costs more to pitch an older website’s owner, especially if that site has a high number of quality backlinks.

7. Agency and Other In-House Costs

When it comes to agency link building, you will need to consider the costs. You will have to pay a price for the links that an SEO firm builds if you have them manage your SEO campaign instead of doing it in-house. When compared to the expense of using in-house resources to acquire and construct backlinks, this is typically a more cost-effective option.

What Is the Best Paid Link Building Service for Purchasing Backlinks?

The best link building services will give you high quality links with a strong backlink profile.

They make the link buying process easy for website owners and provide the required number of backlinks for your website enhancement on search engines.

They are not necessarily selling links to website owners; they build links. They are, therefore, worth your money.

Try link building services today to build backlinks that will boost your site on search engines.

There are just as many platforms selling links just as there are link buyers. As a website owner, you should be able to tell, not just the best platform to buy links but also the best form of link buying for you.

Still, bear in mind that organic link building remains the best way to scale your site. When you build backlinks, you avoid low quality links and boost your link profile on search engines. You should therefore start working with a link building service today to enhance your link building tactics for effective links.

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