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Building cheap backlinks can be VERY hard if you have no prior experience.

Outreach and finding link prospects is time-consuming and negotiating to a good price for YOU takes a lot of precious time.

And once the webmaster decides on a price there is no way you can budge them. So all your prospecting time has been WASTED!

That's where Instalinko Helps. We've built a system over time to helps our own sites and our clients websites with powerful off-page and link-building strategies specifically focused on a wide-range of niches and prices.

Why Buy Links From

Instalinko is one of the best, most trusted, but CHEAPEST ecommerce link-building marketplaces to buy backlinks for any niche. If you want to POWER UP your site from page 3 to page 1, the powerful cheap links from can make this happen. Our link-building service allows you to choose the anchors, websites, and other necessary metrics to buy powerful links for any industry which will take your sites to the next level.

With, you can buy guest posts at the price you are comfortable with.

Simply place your price limit and other metrics and start buying cheap backlinks.

No Spam / No Links Farms

The biggest challenge while buying links is identifying link farms. By link farms, we mean sites whose only purpose are to sell links and are not providing any value to the reader on the web. At Instalinko, we manually approve the sites and check the authenticity of their content, outbound links, backlink profile, organic traffic and other important metrics.

Most importantly we make sure that all sites have good organic traffic.

Huge Variety of Niches

While we tend to specialise in gambling links so we can help you if you want to buy Casino links, it does not matter if you want links from the pet, lawn & patio niche, sporting, games, finance, crypto, news and magazines or other types of sites will help to keep your backlink profile diversified. At Instalinko we can help you get links from niche relevant and high traffic sites. You can sign up on to Instalinko and get access to the dashboard immediately and buy links within minutes.

With our custom developed platform, you can use the filters to choose the niche and tweak the other filters (Domain Authority, Traffic, Referring Domains, TLD, etc) to find the sites that suit your needs. There’s a separate filter that’ll help you avoid casino links if you prefer that.

If you have already purchased some links from our inventory, they are automatically excluded so you can browse new sites only. 

You can also create your own “want list” of competitor links to cross-check whether they are available in our huge portfolio.

Best Pricing For Links

Pricing matters a lot when it comes to link building especially when you are buying cheap links. Because links are power, we want to give you the largest number of links for your budget. At Instalinko, we have all types of sites that are good in terms of backlink profiles and at a very good price. You can use the price filter and set the pricing maximum according to your link-building budget.

We negotiate hard based on link volumes and we get exclusive pricing, so you can expect to find the cheapest prices for links at Instalinko.

High-Quality Real Websites which Google Likes

Imagine paying thousands of dollars on link-building campaigns and getting low-quality sites and little to no improvements.

But we are here to help our clients succeed.

With Instalinko, you only get high-quality sites and permanent links. Instalinko’s database includes sites with high-quality organic traffic and a good backlink profile, basically sites which Googles Likes!

As of now, we have more than 25,000 domains in our inventory!

The turnaround time of the orders is also very quick. You can expect your orders to get completed as quickly as possible, typically in less than 7 days, and usually within 3 days of ordering. If you want to build links for your sites at scale and FAST, you can count on us as your link-building partners.

SEO Support

What else matters the most other than having a marketplace for buying links? 

Well, SEO support. 

If you are not very experienced in SEO, you can contact our support and ask your query about anchor links, sponsored posting, and what ever you may need. 

Our SEOs have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry and will answer with the best way to boost your keyword rankings.

Vast Experience in Building Backlinks

We have combined experience in the link building of more than 25 years. 

Our team has a the right experience to know how to pick websites suitable for getting links from. Unlike every other link-building agency, Instalinko offers a huge database of sites that readily accept all types of links.

Our link building database is increasing by around 500 sites every single month, because we outreach continuously to keep our inventory fresh and healthy.

High Quality Guidelines

Instalinko employs high quality guidelines for each order we take. 

We work with a tried and tested team of content writers to ensure the quality of content, anchors used, link diversification and all other aspects of high-quality link-building. 

Even if you order links at scale, we will complete the order quickly and efficiently.

How it Works

Step 1

Signup/Register to Portal

Step 2

Browse the List of Domains

Step 3

Add to

Step 4

Put the Anchor Text and Target URL

Step 5

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Best Way to Build Cheap Backlinks

When we say cheap backlinks, we mean getting links to sites in your niche from related sites, or niche-related articles to keep the links relevant and powerful. This matters a lot in improving off-page SEO scores because getting backlinks from relevant niche sites is crucial for ranking improvements.

If you build backlinks from non-relevant sites, your site will struggle to rank higher. Therefore, niche-specific sites need to build most of their links from sites relevant to the niche, or have highly-relevant articles.

There are several types of links that are made for SEO in general. Instalinko is part of the Aphex Media SEO agency, so we understand each type of link (and we can provide any of these on-demand).

PBN or Link Networks

Private Blogging Networks, aka PBNs, or link networks are considered very effective in staying ahead of your competitors. While this is considered as a blackhat strategy, one thing that we all know is that most good SEOs use PBN links for instant ranking boost.

This is an open-secret in high-competition niches.

As long as you are not leaving any footprints, using PBNs will NOT hurt your site’s organic traffic. However, PBN network management can put an additional cost on your campaigns as you will have to manage several hosting accounts, domain renewals, content management, and the overall management of the link network.

The team behind Instalinko (Aphex Media Ltd) also offers full link networks services, and link networks management. Please get in touch and ask us about our link network services. 

These days, SEO isn’t easy because it’s highly competitive. The big players dominate the SERPs, so every SEO expert and agency recommends building PBN backlinks. The benefits of PBNs are:

  • Helps improve rank in a competitive vertical.
  • PBN links help stabilize the ranking by tackling Google dance (ranking fluctuations).
  • Faster results as compared to other link-building tactics.
  • PBN networks means you have FULL control over the links you are building.
  • Even if you are flipping sites, you can include the PBN as part of the sale.

We recommend using Aphex Media’s service (our parent company) to build quality PBN links for your online casinos business. Unlike freelance link builders, Aphex Media manages its database of quality sites, leaving no footprints that can impact your blog.

Yes, PBN backlinks are very powerful and can work wonders if you buy them from reputed and trusted sellers such as from our PBN service. You will see a significant boost in your ranking once you send quality PBNs to your website.

PBNs are usually essential for SEO, and as long as you don’t leave footprints, you are good to go. However, you may hear from the top SEO guys that PBNs are bad, or that one shouldn’t use them.

(That’s because they want to keep the good stuff for themselves 😉)

We have literally thousands of PBNs under our management, so you can rest assured that they are effective 😉

Building a PBN link is not too difficult, but building a network of PBNs is very time-consuming. At Aphex Media we have streamlined the processes required to keep everything as cheap as possible, giving a great ROI. We recommend you try our service and order a bunch of PBN links without worrying about PBN maintenance, domain renewal, content publishing, etc.

Guest Posts and Outreach Links

You are probably already familiar with guest posting or sponsored posts if you have ever bought a link-building package from a link-building service. Guest posting is about publishing a post on a site with good traffic, age, domain strength, spam score, and link profile, (typically) against a fee to the webmaster.

While buying guest posts is a good strategy, a major portion of it must be from blogs related to your industry because Google will trust your website if it finds out that your site is getting links within your niche.

When buying cheap links from an SEO agency, most link-building services often don’t give much attention to the types of links that the agency is building and later complain about not getting results.

When you buy cheap backlinks, make sure the agency is getting your guest posts published on relevant pages. You can get links from other niche sites as well, but the topic of the guest post should be related to the page you want to link to.

For example, if you want to take a backlink from a home and garden website and link back to your pet site about dog clothes, the topic can be “How to Create a Comfy Space For Your Dog” or anything related to dog comfort.

The problem with outreach links and guest posting is that scaling up becomes difficult if you have not developed the processes for this.

At Instalinko, we have a fully-developed outreach team whose only job is to outreach to new sites to get cheap links from. By scaling up our outreach to multiple clients, we can keep our prices cheap.

And you, as our client, can buy links in minutes, instead of weeks.

Niche Edits or Links Insertions

Niche edits are similar to guest posts. But there’s a small catch when using guest posts for link-building. You will need to provide high-quality content to the website owner for guest posting and placing your link in the article.

Niche edits do not require you to provide an article. You get links from the articles already published on the website from where you want the link from.

You can choose the anchor texts related to your site or article and enjoy the benefits of link juice passed from the niche edit to your article. While building links, always remember niche edits are important as guest posts and PBNs. That’s because a diversified portfolio of link types ensures you get rankings with minimal to zero risk.

Many people also use niche edits to power their Tier 1 links. These are called Tier 2 links and are typically used to ensure that the Tier 1 sites get indexed quickly and start sending link power faster.

Homepage Link Rentals

The homepage is the strongest page of the website (most times) because it has the most referring domains compared to the website’s inner pages. Getting a backlink from the homepage can instantly boost your site’s ranking.

You will start noticing a boost in organic traffic if your homepage link rentals strategy is good. Remember, you don’t have to overdo it, and keep the links as natural as possible. Another important thing you need to remember is to remove these links after some time.

As the name suggests, homepage link rentals should be removed from time to time. When you see an increase in your organic traffic after taking homepage links, just replace them with a natural link like guest posts, niche edits, or forum links.

Our team can discuss homepage links, if you need such links, please contact us.

Footer Links

Footer links, also known as sitewide links or boilerplate links, are very effective because the footer acts as a sticky element on the website. If you get a link from the footer, it will get links from all the site’s inner pages where the footer is being used.

These links help you acquire better link juice from the inner pages and the website’s homepage. Footer links can help you rank better on SERP, but remember not to overdo this.

Reddit, Quora and Forum Sites

While these might not send a lot of link-juice, they will keep your link-profile natural and ensure that your backlinks aren’t seen as manipulative.

And yes, even some comments links might help diversify your profile.

As long as you don’t focus on a single type of link (because it’s easy), you should be good.


Once you start to run out of niche-specific sites, you’ll want to start getting domains that are related to your niche. These are called shoulder niches. As long as you find an angle to keep the page relevant to your site, the links will still be good to push link-juice.

Local, News and Magazine

News and magazines or local sites typically are very generic in nature. But once again, natural sites will tend to get links for various reasons from news, magazines and local sites. So it’s a perfectly valid link strategy to get links from these sites.

Once again, as long as you don’t keep this as your sole link-building strategy, this can be part of a good healthy mix of cheap links.

Things to Remember while building Backlinks

cheap backlinks

Before we even start with the strategic part, we should understand what you should keep in mind while building SEO backlinks. This matters because spending thousands of dollars on building SEO backlinks won’t guarantee results. Building backlinks the right way will give you better results in the long term.

1. Get links from niche relevant sites

The first and most important tip is to get links from niche-relevant sites because these sites are in your niche circle. Getting a backlink from such sites will be very effective. You probably have already heard from industry experts how important it is to get links from industry websites.

Your primary goal should be to get links from as many of these sites as possible. If your business is only related to dogs, then try getting links from blogs that cover topics related to dogs and other pet sites which at the very least mention dogs.

2. Domain authority

Just because the site is niche relevant, it doesn’t mean it ticks all the boxes. You need to consider several other important factors while you buy backlinks, one of which is domain authority.

Domain authority consists of several parameters such as referring domains, domain age, page authority, spam score, and niche relevancy. You can use tools like Ahrefs and Moz to find more information about a domain’s authority.

3. Anchor text distribution

Another important factor is anchor text distribution, which means using a variety of anchor texts while building links. If you have hired an SEO agency, don’t forget to ask what type of anchor distribution they are doing.

4. Diverse Backlink profile

Some SEOs ask, what are the most effective types of links, so that they only build those types of links.

However, this is a risky strategy.

If your link-building strategy consists only of one type of link, then this is going to look dodgy in eyes of the Google algorithms.

The most important strategy is to use a variety of link types, including guest posts, outreach, PBNs, niche edits and other types of back links we mentioned above.

5. Never forget to drip-feed

Drip feed-in simpler terms mean building links slowly so that the process appears to be natural. If you build backlinks too aggressively, Google might penalize your website, and all the efforts will be in vain.

That is why it is important to keep a steady stream of links as part of your link-building campaign depending on the size of your website.

These are the few points you need to remember when you buy casino backlinks. But if there are still many questions, don’t miss out on the FAQ section.

FAQs about Buying Cheap Backlinks

No, the charges that you see in the portal are what you will pay. When checking out your cart, if you do not wish to get content written from us, you can remove that option and provide the content yourself. If a webmaster changes their fee for a specific domain, we will check with you whether you still want to get this domain at the new price or not.

We’ve been in the SEO and link-building game for over a decade now and have a lot of big brands working with us – check out some of the case studies at our agency site Aphex Media. After delivering rankings to the pioneers in the iGaming industry, we have prove to be one of the best  backlink sellers in the market.

Instalinko team and agents are part of the in-house SEO team. They are well aware of what a website needs and wants to reach the top. Just ask the support team to help you with your order and they will pitch in if your order is big enough.

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