The year 2023 brings forth a golden opportunity for bloggers and content creators. With the increasing importance of link building, guest posting has emerged as a powerful strategy to enhance online visibility and reach a wider audience. But the question remains: where can one find good guest posting sites that offer both quality and credibility? Look no further, as this article unveils 500 verified free guest posting sites for 2023.

These sites boast high domain ratings and attract millions of daily visitors. From renowned platforms like HubSpot and Mashable to industry-specific sites like DZone and Entrepreneur magazine, each of these sites caters to different topics, including business, technology, marketing, and personal development. However, securing a guest post on these esteemed platforms requires more than just luck. Exceptional content and a strong pitch are essential. So, gear up to dive into the world of guest posting and explore the limitless opportunities that await.

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Key Takeaways

  • Guest posting is a valuable strategy for bloggers and content creators in 2023, presenting a great opportunity for online visibility and link building.
  • There are 500 verified free guest posting sites for 2023, including reputable platforms like HubSpot, Entrepreneur magazine, Mashable, and HuffPost, which have high domain ratings and attract millions of daily visitors. While they do accept guest posts, know that you need to be at the top of your game.
  • Guest posting and guest blogging can provide exposure, brand visibility, and improved search engine rankings, benefiting businesses with backlinks, targeted traffic, and increased credibility.
  • To succeed in guest posting, it is important to research and understand each site’s requirements, personalize your pitch, showcase your expertise, follow guidelines for content and formatting, and provide unique and high-quality insights or solutions.
  • Unless you follow the guest post submission guidelines, you’re unlikely to get a reply. Don’t create a mass email that will target all of these. Come up with a unique outreach email for each which shows why you really have what it takes to be accept as a guest blogging author.
  • Website owners are more likely to accept quality guest posts if they are the only people writing for the site, because you’ll be taking some weight off their shoulders.
  • A guest author with a track record of creating quality content is more likely to be accepted. Try to score one good guest blog first, and then use it to make your case with other large guest blogging sites.

Top Guest Posting Sites

Some of the top guest posting sites for 2023, based on their high domain rating and millions of daily visitors, include HubSpot, Colibri, Entrepreneur magazine, Mashable, HuffPost, and DZone. Guest posting is a popular link-building strategy that can provide various benefits for businesses and individuals. By publishing content on high-quality guest post sites, one can gain exposure to a larger audience, increase brand visibility, and improve search engine rankings through backlinks.

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider, such as the time and effort required to create exceptional content and the possibility of rejection if the pitch does not meet the site’s guidelines. To ensure successful guest posting, it is crucial to research and understand each site’s requirements, create valuable and engaging content, and craft a strong pitch that highlights the unique value the post will provide to the site’s audience.

Or else, you can get in touch with us at Instalinko and we’ll work out a fast plan so you can submit guest posts to these sites and others. Contact Us and let’s find you the best link building strategy.

List of 300+ FREE Guest Blogging Sites for 2023 (With Ahrefs Rank & DR)

Blogging Write for Us

Let’s start our guest blogging sites list by going specifically with blogging sites. Check out some of the sites that accept guest posts below.

  1. Content Marketing Institute | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 2,251 | DR: 88
  2. The Blog Herald | Post submission | Ahrefs Rank: 94,713 | DR: 70
  3. Webnus | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 11,004 | DR: 81
  4. CyberChimps | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 907 | DR: 91
  5. WebScoot Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 1,418,252 | DR: 41
  6. MakeWebBetter | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 77,413 | DR: 71

Marketing Write for us

  1. MarketingProfs | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 5,194 | DR: 84
  2. HubSpot Blog | Submit Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 197 | DR: 93
  3. B2B Marketing | Get involved | Ahrefs Rank: 26,057 | DR: 76
  4. WebEngage | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 79,489 | DR: 71
  5. NetHunt | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 107,024 | DR: 69
  6. Cloudways | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 2,037 | DR: 89
  7. Chatter Buzz | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 863,000 | DR: 47
  8. Make a Living Writing | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 98,154 | DR: 70
  9. Adzooma | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 76,090 | DR: 71
  10. ResellerClub Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 18,093 | DR: 78
  11. Mention | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 6,583 | DR: 83
  12. DeskTime | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 64,631 | DR: 72
  13. Reputation X | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 108,985 | DR: 69
  14. Taggbox | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 38,220 | DR: 75
  15. | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 22,484 | DR: 77
  16. MarketingTech | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 26,508 | DR: 76
  17. SurveySparrow | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 28,787 | DR: 76
  18. Omniconvert blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 29,491 | DR: 76

Business Write for Us

  1. | Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 10,681 | DR: 81
  2. | Submit a Story | Ahrefs Rank: 431 | DR: 92
  3. GoDaddy blog | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 77 | DR: 94
  4. | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 10,952 | DR: 81
  5. | Writing | Ahrefs Rank: 13,824 | DR: 79
  6. | Join | Ahrefs Rank: 46,073 | DR: 74
  7. | Share a Story | Ahrefs Rank: 296,913 | DR: 58
  8. SoGoSurvey | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 33,970 | DR: 75
  9. The Ken | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 151,092 | DR: 66
  10. Business Insider India | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 6,370 | DR: 83
  11. Exabytes | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 5,634 | DR: 84
  12. | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 40,820 | DR: 74
  13. Gimmio Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 236,311 | DR: 61
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
The Huffington Post Business, technology, innovation, and a variety of other topics. Contribute Business, entrepreneurship, technology, and more. Contribute
Fast Company Productivity, creativity, work-life issues, entrepreneurship, innovation, etc. Contribute Startups, entrepreneurs, tech tools, advice on all things related to startups. Contribute
Addicted 2 Success Motivation, success, inspiration, business, startups, entrepreneurship, etc. Contribute
Men with Pens Freelancing, entrepreneurship, business ownership, good business practices, etc. Contribute
VentureBeat Business and technology Contribute
Tenoblog Business, technology, lifestyle, marketing, travel, and health. Contribute
Bplans Business ideas, plans, investor pitch, funding, industry trends, etc. Contribute
CoSchedule Business, marketing, productivity, social media, etc. Contribute

Social Media Marketing Write for us

  1. CoSchedule Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 3,834 | DR: 86
  2. Socialnomics | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 59,361 | DR: 72
  3. Social Media Explorer | Work for us | Ahrefs Rank: 30,480 | DR: 76
  4. Agorapulse | Work for us | Ahrefs Rank: 3,839 | DR: 79
  5. Social Media Strategies Summit | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 153,104 | DR: 66
  6. | Submit News | Ahrefs Rank: 262,214 | DR: 66
  7. Social Media Revolver | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 282,768 | DR: 59
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Mention Digital marketing, social media, social listening and monitoring, social media trends, etc. Contribute
Social Media Examiner Social media marketing, Social media channels, dashboard solutions, social media analytics tools, etc. Contribute Social media, content curation, content marketing, SEO, social media tools, etc. Contribute
Social Champ Social media, SEO, email marketing, etc. Contribute

Technology Write for Us

  1. SitePoint | Write For Us | Ahrefs Rank: 2,780 | DR: 87
  2. Read Write | Submit | Ahrefs Rank: 6,564 | DR: 83
  3. PragProg | Write with us | Ahrefs Rank: 11,714 | DR: 80
  4. iTechCode | Write For Us | Ahrefs Rank: 338,692 | DR: 57
  5. VentureBeat | Guest Post Submissions | Ahrefs Rank: 925 | DR: 91
  6. MakingDifferent | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 366,414 | DR: 56
  7. TechLila | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 877,673 | DR: 47
  8. Colocation America | Let’s Write | Ahrefs Rank: 127,673 | DR: 67
  9. All Tech Buzz | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 178,982 | DR: 64
  10. | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 28,836 | DR: 76
  11. | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 320,352 | DR: 57
  12. Analytics India Magazine | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 31,833 | DR: 75
  13. SoftwareWorld | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 49,111 | DR: 73
  14. ProProfs | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 10,889 | DR: 81
  15. Neptune Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 296,269 | DR: 58
  16. iMocha | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 632,614 | DR: 50
  17. Freshdesk | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 508 | DR: 91
  18. Analytics Insight | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 21,776 | DR: 77
  19. Mobisoft Infotech | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 233,970 | DR: 61
  20. CompleteConnection | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 780,280 | DR: 48
  21. Technology Networks | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 26,765 | DR: 76
  22. Chanty | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 36,077 | DR: 75
  23. Chetu | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 156,519 | DR: 65
  24. Jungleworks | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 109,495 | DR: 69
  25. PAT RESEARCH | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 142,133 | DR: 66
  26. The Next Tech | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 390,250 | DR: 55
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
TechCrunch Disruptive technologies, startups, and more. Contribute
Techdirt Different types of new and innovative technologies, book reviews, etc. Contribute
Blockgeeks All topics related to blockchain technology. Contribute
The Sociable Social media, web, mobile, and science. Contribute
Smashing Magazine Tutorials, guides, opinions, and case studies related to web design. Contribute
ExtremeTech IT technology stories, phones, gaming, science, space, etc. Contribute
Linux Journal Cloud, mobile, networking, DevOps, etc. Contribute
I Love Free Software All types of software reviews and usage guides. Contribute
MarTech Marketing technologies, marketing tactics, technology use-cases, etc. Contribute

Web Design & Web Development Write for us

  1. Smashing Magazine | Become An Author | Ahrefs Rank: 1,271 | DR: 90
  2. Hongkiat | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 8,389 | DR: 82
  3. Colossal | Submissions | Ahrefs Rank: 14,718 | DR: 79
  4. Web Designer Depot | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 7,182 | DR: 83
  5. Web Design Ledger | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 20,529 | DR: 78
  6. Fatbit | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 153,326 | DR: 65
  7. Quertime | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 942,294 | DR: 46
  8. Cats Who Code | Guest Blogging | Ahrefs Rank: 93,137 | DR: 70
  9. A List Apart | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 3,035 | DR: 87
  10. Creative Blog (CB) | Write for CB | Ahrefs Rank: 3,182 | DR: 86
  11. CrazyLeafDesign | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 150,002 | DR: 66
  12. Writer’s Relief | Guest Blogging | Ahrefs Rank: 531,167 | DR: 52
  13. Top Design Magazine | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 245,731 | DR: 60
  14. Webflow | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 389 | DR: 92
  15. Creative Nerds | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 178,539 | DR: 64
  16. webdew | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 96,179 | DR: 70
  17. Stackify | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 41,353 | DR: 74
  18. WebAlive | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 47,293 | DR: 74
  19. Netguru Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 54,218 | DR: 73
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Webdew Web design and development, migration, etc. Contribute
Quertime Web design, web tools, WordPress, web development, search engines/web browsers, etc. Contribute
Creative Nerds Original articles related to web design, design tutorials with Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator Gimp, etc. Contribute
Top Design Magazine Web design, graphic design, tutorials, design inspiration, Photoshop, Flash, Programming, etc. Contribute
Crazyleaf Design Web and graphic design, Vectorial Graphics, print design, Photoshop, Flash, Design resources, etc Contribute
Webdesigner Depot Web design and web development Contribute
WP Sauce Web design, hosting, etc. Contribute
Elegant Themes WordPress, web design and development Contribute
CatsWhoCode Web design, web hosting, etc. Contribute
Webflow Web design, no-code movement, etc. Contribute


Here are the best guest posting sites in this niche.

Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
WPExplorer WordPress-related topics Contribute
SuperbThemes Building WordPress themes and unique related content. Contribute
LearnWoo WordPress and other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce Contribute
Cloudways WordPress, e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, etc. Contribute
Elegant Themes WordPress, web design and development Contribute
WP Mayor WooCommerce, WordPress, plugin reviews, themes, etc. Contribute
CyberChimps WordPress-related articles Contribute
WP Tech Support WordPress themes, plugins, industry insights, etc. Contribute
WP Sauce WordPress, blogging,  web design, etc. Contribute
NavThemes WordPress, web design, SEO, hosting, etc. Contribute

Home Improvement Write for us

  1. | Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 1,387,977 | DR: 41
  2. House Affection | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 192,910 | DR: 63
  3. DesignLike | Guest Blogger | Ahrefs Rank: 355,904 | DR: 56
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Roohome Home improvement, DIY, home exterior and interior design, etc. Contribute
Grafomap Home decoration, interior design Contribute
Designlike Home design, architecture, home improvement, etc. Contribute
House Affection Home decor, home improvement, furniture, etc Contribute Home renovation, interior design, home improvement, furniture, home decor, swimming pools, architecture, etc. Contribute
Inspired Home Ideas Design, home architectural projects, landscape design, furnishing, home decorating Contribute
Gift Your Home Home improvement, kitchen, gardening, etc. Contribute
Sebring Design Build Home remodeling Contribute
 Flex House Home design, furniture, home improvement, DIY, woodworking, etc. Contribute
Home Inside Home decor, home renovation Ideas, home improvement, interior design, etc.. Contribute

News Websites Write for us

  1. | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 103 | DR: 93
  2. | Guidelines for contributors | Ahrefs Rank: 137 | DR: 93
  3. Wall Street Journal | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 229 | DR: 92
  4. Fast Company | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 485 | DR: 91
  5. | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 264 | DR: 92
  6. The Diplomat | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 9,787 | DR: 81
  7. ORF | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 47,964 | DR: 73
  8. TimesTravel | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 564 | DR: 91
  9. Asia Times | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 24,907 | DR: 77
  10. Swarajya | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 81,844 | DR: 71
  11. GIJN | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 86,818 | DR: 71
  12. The Conversation | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 859 | DR: 91
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
The Wall Street Journal Op-eds Contribute
Asia Times Analysis pieces, news articles, and op-eds. Contribute
The Diplomat Original reporting, news analysis, features, blog posts. Contribute
The Huffington Post News articles, analysis etc. Contribute
Fast Company productivity, hiring, career development, work-life issues, work culture, policies,etc. Contribute
ORF In-depth analysis of important policy trends, current affairs, socio-cultural changes, etc. Contribute
Global Investigative Journalism Network Investigative journalism Contribute News, politics, current affairs, etc. Contribute
The Trent News, opinion, business, etc. Contribute
Activist Post Activism, news, economy, politics, etc. Contribute


Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Politico Magazine In-depth write-ups on issues of national importance, politics, profiles of influencers and decision-makers, book excerpts, etc. Contribute
Activist Post Activism, news, economy, politics, etc. Contribute
International Policy Digest Fact-based analysis on current affairs, world news, politics, etc Contribute
The Humanist Social justice, human rights, civil liberty, peace, humanism, etc. Contribute
Liberal America Progressive and liberal politics, women’s rights, discrimination, immigration reform, etc. Contribute
Global Risk Insights Political risk, global politics, finance, trade, economics, etc. Contribute
Asia Times Strategy, economics, opinion, political analysis, etc. Contribute
The Atlantic Politics Contribute
The Diplomat Politics, business, etc. Contribute
The Trent Politics, current affairs, etc. Contribute

Law Write for us

  1. Above the Law | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 14,582 | DR: 79
  2. Attorney at Work | Writing Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 96,689 | DR: 70
  3. ABA for Law Students | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 235,385 | DR: 61
  4. LawFuel | Write | Ahrefs Rank: 387,793 | DR: 55
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Above the Law Small law firms, legal technology, in-house counsel, partnerships, Supreme Court, overseas markets, contract attorneys, etc. Contribute
Attorney at Work Authentic content related to personal experiences, or advice that benefits practicing lawyers,  “how-to” instructions and checklists related to the legal field Contribute
LawFuel Law marketing, law firm management, personal Injury law, legal issues. Contribute
ABA for Law Students Student loans, law exams, 1L, 2L, and 3L subjects, legal iInternships, Legal career paths, bar exam, etc. Contribute Law, law firms, attorneys, and other legal matters. Contribute
Law Technology Today law practice, legal technology, tips, how-to guides, forecasting, hardware, software reviews Contribute
Small Business Attorney NYC Legal issues related to business Contribute Divorce and separation-related topics including co-parenting, coping with divorce, divorce Process, inspirational stories Contribute
Get News 360 Law-related topics Contribute
Legodesk Diverse aspects of law, including legal technology and research. Contribute

Lifestyle Write for us

  1. Elephant Journal | Write | Ahrefs Rank: 13,458 | DR: 80
  2. Mamamia | Submissions | Ahrefs Rank: 23,742 | DR: 77
  3. CraftGossip | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 144,667 | DR: 66
  4. | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 411,792 | DR: 55
  5. | Submit | Ahrefs Rank: 152,824 | DR: 66
  6. | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 1,175 | DR: 90
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Elephant Journal. Sustainability, active citizenship, arts, yoga, ecofashion, conscious consumerism, etc. Contribute
CraftGossip Craft including sewing, knitting, crochet, recycled crafts, edible crafts, glass crafts, needlework, etc. Contribute Candle making, crafts, art, etc. Contribute
Mamamia Home, fashion, beauty, craft, wellness, etc. Contribute
LRWC DIY projects, budgeting, fashion, shopping, organic, parenting, cooking, travel, etc. Contribute
Mookychick Myth, body positivity, mental health, self-care, culture and arts, etc. Contribute
Lifehacker Life hacks, inspirational stories, tips, etc. Contribute
The Daily Buzz Lifestyle, health, parenting, etc. Contribute
Pinstripe Magazine Globetrotters, gourmet, gadgets, go-getters, gifting, etc. Contribute
Chivmen Fashion, Life, grooming, travel, health, etc. Contribute

Family Write for us

  1. BabyCenter | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 6,188 | DR: 83
  2. Modern Mom | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 100,991 | DR: 70
  3. Indiewire | Contact us | Ahrefs Rank: 4,245 | DR: 85
  4. ADDitude Magazine | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 14,892 | DR: 79
  5. 5 Minutes For Mom | Join Our Team | Ahrefs Rank: 83,022 | DR: 71
  6. Adoptive Families | Writers’ Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 130,092 | DR: 67
  7. Virginia Mag | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 58,223 | DR: 73
  8. Metro Parent | Writers Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 116,345 | DR: 69
  9. Living Well Mom | Submissions | Ahrefs Rank: 160,168 | DR: 65
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Mom’s Voice Pro Parenting, family finance, babies, etc. Contribute
ADDitude Insights and tips on managing ADHD or learning disorders in children. Contribute
5 Minutes for Mom Family life, parenting, craft, marriage, time management, etc. Contribute
Adoptive Families Adoption, infertility, adoption process, etc, Contribute
Metro Parent Parenting, food, holiday planning, fun, parties, education, etc. Contribute
Living Well Mom Kids’ activities, DIY home projects, household tip, natural living, parenting etc. Contribute
Corporate Career Girl Self-care, lifestyle, motherhood, etc. Contribute
Aha!NOW Family, parenting, love and relationships, home, etc. Contribute
Confessions of Parenting Pregnancy, children, teens, feeding, etc. Contribute
Mom Fuse Parenting, crafts, becoming a MomPrenuer, etc. Contribute


Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Balcony Garden Web Growing food, urban gardening, garden design, lawn care, etc. Contribute
Sustainable Gardening Australia Gardening tips, sustainable gardening, resilience, and food security through gardening Contribute
Green Garden Landscaping Landscaping, garden ideas, lawn care, yard, and outdoor ideas Contribute
Wikilawn Lawn care, landscaping, gardening, outdoor living Contribute
Lawn Care Discussion Lawn care, landscaping Contribute
Yard Surfer Gardening tips, tools, landscaping, garden design. Contribute
Landscape Architecture Magazine Landscaping Contribute
Gardening Know How Gardening-related posts Contribute
Life and Agri Gardening facts, gardening tools, landscaping ideas dealing with pests, container gardening, etc. Contribute
Garden Culture Magazine Gardening tips, DIY garden ideas Contribute

Real Estate Write for us

  1. International Living Magazine | Write for IL | Ahrefs Rank: 45,638 | DR: 74
  2. EscapeArtist | Write for Us | Ahrefs Rank: 176,995 | DR: 64
  3. GeekEstate Blog | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 323,966 | DR: 57
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
ShoreAgents All topics related to real estate. Contribute
International Living Magazine Real estate, investing, retirement, etc. Contribute
The Constructor Construction and civil engineering. Contribute
GeekEstate Blog Real estate marketing, real estate technology, etc. Contribute
Clever Real Estate Real estate investing, home selling, home buying, mortgages, moving, home insurance etc. Contribute Home renovation, interior design, architecture, home decor,  etc. Contribute
Real Estate Tips Buying and selling homes, commercial properties, investing in real estate, etc. Contribute
BiggerPockets Real estate news, commercial property sales, landlording, mortgages, etc. Contribute
Shelterforce Housing, community development,neighborhood revitalization,  etc. Contribute
Real Estate Omni Real estate, luxury real estate property investment, etc. Contribute

Entrepreneurship Write for us

  1. | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 462 | DR: 91
  2. | Contact for Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 16,620 | DR: 79
  3. Addicted2Success | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 57,095 | DR: 73
  4. StartupNation | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 37,739 | DR: 75
  5. | Submit Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 41,075 | DR: 74
  6. YFS Magazine | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 94,149 | DR: 70
  7. StartupBros Blog | Guest Blogging | Ahrefs Rank: 159,723 | DR: 65
  8. SmallBizClub | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 165,164 | DR: 65
  9. Harvard Business Review | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 345 | DR: 92
  10. MyVenturePad | Submit Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 401,104 | DR: 55
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link Entrepreneurship, making money online, finance, online marketing, etc. Contribute
StartupNation Entrepreneurship, business planning, funding, ecommerce, branding, etc. Contribute
The Secrets of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship, small business startups, personal finance, marketing, etc. Contribute
Addicted2Success Entrepreneurship, startups, business advice, motivation, personal development. Contribute
SmallBizClub How-tos and business tips, small business trends, business advice Contribute
StartupBros Entrepreneurship and online business guides, Amazon seller guides, product labeling. Contribute
Inc42 Startup story, entrepreneurship, business, tech, etc. Contribute
YFS  Magazine Entrepreneurship, partnerships, startups, etc. Contribute
Fast Company Entrepreneurship, business, work-life balance, etc. Contribute
VentureBeat Data-driven stories from business leaders, entrepreneurs Contribute

Making Money Online

Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
BloggingMile Tips on making money online, affiliate marketing, freelancing, etc. Contribute
Fahim Ahmadi Money making trends, digital marketing, online software reviews, etc. Contribute
Bella Wanana Money-making tips, tricks, saving and managing money, etc. Contribute
IncomeDiary Making money online, entrepreneurship, content marketing, etc. Contribute
Leaving Work Behind Sustainable income, making money, etc. Contribute
Incomopedia Making money online tips, entrepreneurship, etc. Contribute
Blogging My Career Make money online, business, etc. Contribute
Unemploymentville Job search techniques, self-employment, etc. Contribute
Corporate Career Girl Self-employment ideas, making money online, etc. Contribute
Money Crashers Money management, personal finance, retirement planning, etc. Contribute

Self Development / Spirituality Write for us

  1. Dumb Little Man | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 59,629 | DR: 72
  2. Lifehack | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 2,691 | DR: 87
  3. SelfGrowth | Submit Articles | Ahrefs Rank: 19,795 | DR: 78
  4. Psychology Today | Writer’s Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 324 | DR: 92
  5. Your Tango | Submissions | Ahrefs Rank: 15,102 | DR: 79
  6. Pick The Brain | Submission requirements | Ahrefs Rank: 58,714 | DR: 73


Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Curated Careers Interesting career profiles, career development,  personal career success stories, etc. Contribute
Honeypot Growth, HR tips, and career development Contribute
Career Reload Career advice, resume tips, job search, cover letter, and interview tips, etc. Contribute
Executive Career Brand Career-related topics including networking, job interviewing, executive job search, LinkedIn tips, etc. Contribute
Jobs Geek Networking, job search advice, CV writing, etc. Contribute
Career Thoughts Career, job search, etc. Contribute
360Career Career, education, etc. Contribute
Career Gappers Career break planning, career break stories Contribute
Unemploymentville Job search techniques, self-employment, etc. Contribute
The Every Women Career-related posts for women Contribute

Sports Write for us

  1. | Submit  Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 1,137,254 | DR: 43
  2. CricTracker | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 194,609 | DR: 63
  3. LWOS Network | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 197,228 | DR: 63
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
CricTracker All things related to cricket including trending stories, cricket statistics, match reports, analysis, interviews, etc. Contribute
SportingPost Football related news and stories, particularly witty and humorous ones. Contribute
LWOS Network Professional sports news, opinions, analysis Contribute
Fox Sports American football Contribute Football, Fantasy football, etc. Contribute
World Football Index North, Central, and South American football, Asian and African football, world football, concise scout reports. Contribute
SBD All things related to sports Contribute
SportsUnfold Sports news articles, match schedule, trending sports news, etc. Contribute
Top Relax Games Baseball, football, basketball, NFL, golf, rugby, tennis, etc Contribute
Sports Networker Sports networking, sports business, sports marketing, sports events, and sales, etc. Contribute

Political Write for us

  1. | Submit Post | Ahrefs Rank: 95,671 | DR: 70
  2. | Submit Post | Ahrefs Rank: 313,474 | DR: 58
  3. POLITICO Magazine | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 1,255 | DR: 90
  4. open Democracy | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 10,215 | DR: 81

Make Money Online / Internet Marketing Write for us

  1. | Write for Us | Ahrefs Rank: 87,149 | DR: 71
  2. | Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 151,096 | DR: 66

Dogs /Pets Write for us

  1. | Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 363,304 | DR: 56
  2. | Guest Bloggers | Ahrefs Rank: 67,088 | DR: 72
Dogs Naturally Nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, holistic healthcare, vaccines, etc. Contribute
Wag The Dog UK Pet-friendly travel, tips on caring for your pet, food, dog products, etc. Contribute
Petful Expert opinions and tips on pet care, food, grooming, and more. Contribute
The Wildes Anything and everything related to dogs and how to care for them Contribute
EntirelyPets Experiences and stories related to pets, pets health, pets care, etc. Contribute
Little Dog Tips Dogs training, nutrition, health, and anything dog-related. Contribute
Pretty Fluffy Pet lifestyle, DIY ideas, recipes, product reviews, stories, etc. Contribute
The Spruce Pets Practical tips and training advice for taking care of pets. Contribute
Preloved Anything related to pets, horses, and livestock. Contribute
Companion Animal Psychology Stories about the relationship between people and their pets. Contribute

Education Write for us

  1. | Write for ASCD Express | Ahrefs Rank: 9,512 | DR: 81
  2. SimpleK12 | Submit Your Post | Ahrefs Rank: 453,726 | DR: 54
  3. | Call for contributors | Ahrefs Rank: 48,486 | DR: 73
  4. The PIE News | Write for Us | Ahrefs Rank: 67,173 | DR: 72
  5. eLearn Magazine | Write for Us | Ahrefs Rank: 905 | DR: 91
  6. Edutopia | Write for Us | Ahrefs Rank: 5,683 | DR: 84
  7. The University of Texas |  Procedure | Ahrefs Rank: 1,156 | DR: 90
  8. Getting Smart | Submission Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 27,695 | DR: 76
  9. EduGorilla | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 981,679 | DR: 45
  10. KnowledgeHut | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 81,497 | DR: 71
  11. The Greater Good Science Center | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 521 | DR: 91
  12. TutorialsTeacher | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 375,654 | DR: 56
  13. Everyday Power | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 46,051 | DR: 74
  14. | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 6,472 | DR: 83
  15. Eduonix | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 99,316 | DR: 70
  16. InformIT | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 9,823 | DR: 81
  17. | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 8,517 | DR: 82
  18. MindMajix | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 161,626 | DR: 65
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
ASCD Education, research-based education strategies, classroom examples, advice on overcoming learning challenges, etc. Contribute
Edutopia Academic subjects, learning and teaching strategies, etc. Contribute
Tutorful Diverse education-related topics Contribute
eLearn Magazine elearning trends, news, issues, interviews with elearning professionals, book reviews, e-books, etc. Contribute
Getting Smart Lifelong and early education opportunities, K-12 and post-secondary education, education innovation, etc. Contribute
TutorialsTeacher Tutorials and self-learning articles on tech topics including web technologies, JavaScript Framework, database development, etc. Contribute
SimpleK12 Topics related to K12, parents, children, and education in general. Contribute
EducationHQ Education-related topics, professional learning experiences, etc. Contribute
Greater Good Research-based articles for parents, educators, and policymakers. Contribute
Book Less Learning Education, students, study abroad, etc. Contribute

Fashion Write for us

  1. Offbeat Bride | Submit your post | Ahrefs Rank: 54,179 | DR: 73
  2. PRCouture | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 541,017 | DR: 52
  3. College Fashion | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 197,705 | DR: 63
  4. Love My Dress | Submissions | Ahrefs Rank: 41,191 | DR: 74
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Love My Dress Fashion, decor, wedding fashion, etc. Contribute
Help 4 Flesh Fashion, business, travel, etc. Contribute
Keira’s Life Fashion, beauty, home, garden, etc. Contribute
Offbeat Bride Wedding scripts, fashion, etc. Contribute
PR Couture Fashion shows, stylists, brand ambassadors, events, etc. Contribute
HelloGiggles Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. Contribute
College Fashion Fashion, lifestyle, fashion shows, etc. Contribute
The Business of Fashion Global fashion, retail, luxury, fashion week, beauty, sustainability, etc. Contribute
Her Style Code Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. Contribute
Aha!NOW Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. Contribute

Food Write for us

  1. The Kitchn | Submissions | Ahrefs Rank: 3,294 | DR: 86
  2. | Guest Post Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 170,267 | DR: 64
  3. | Write for Us | Ahrefs Rank: 153,246 | DR: 66
  4. | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 1,824 | DR: 89
  5. Taste of Home | Contributor | Ahrefs Rank: 5,440 | DR: 84
  6. Tori Avey | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 69,670 | DR: 72
  7. Food Dive | Submit | Ahrefs Rank: 23,840 | DR: 77
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Kitchn Kitchen projects, cooking tips, and other food-related topics. Contribute
The Foodellers Food and travel experiences, food and drinks recipes, etc. Contribute
OK Easy Life Food, health, travel, tech, and entertainment. Contribute
Disney Food Blog Restaurant reviews, meal planning, recipes, and more. Contribute Topics related to US craft beer and breweries. Contribute
Food Tank Food justice, nutrition, food policy, and sustainable agriculture. Contribute
Eat Drink Better Sustainable food, food activism, and other related topics. Contribute
FoodieWish Food and culture, recipes, and other food-related topics. Contribute
F and B Recipes Food trends, heritage food, local cuisine, street food, and fusion foods. Contribute
My Tartelette  Recipes, kitchen, restaurants, food, diet, weight loss, nutrition, etc. Contribute

Photography Write for us

  1. Digital Photography School | Write for Us | Ahrefs Rank: 9,680 | DR: 81
  2. Light Stalking | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 104,473 | DR: 70
  3. Luminous Landscape | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 40,548 | DR: 74
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
The Luminous Landscape Photography-related topics Contribute
Light Stalking Tutorials, articles, and photo collections. Contribute
Colossal photography, painting, installation, illustration, sculpture, etc. Contribute
Bored Panda Photography, animals, etc. Contribute
Photopoly Photography related blog posts. Contribute
Digital Photo Mentor Photography tips, tutorials, and guides. Contribute
Digital Photography School Photography, editing, post-processing tips, etc. Contribute
Diy Photography Stuff Photography tips, Behind the scenes (BTS) photography, funny DIY projects Contribute
The Photo Argus Photography Contribute
Loaded Landscapes Travel, wildlife, landscape photography Contribute

Travel Write for us

  1. Boarding Area | Become a Blogger | Ahrefs Rank: 41,100 | DR: 74
  2. foXnoMad | Guest Posts | Ahrefs Rank: 282,043 | DR: 59
  3. Hostelbookers | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 49,641 | DR: 73
  4. Go Abroad | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 35,044 | DR: 75
  5. The Planet D | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 61,590 | DR: 72
  6. eDreams | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 127,210 | DR: 68
  7. NomadsWorld | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 495,765 | DR: 46
  8. Sheswanderful | Write | Ahrefs Rank: 352,201 | DR: 56
  9. The Travel Manuel | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 1,172,154 | DR: 43
  10. Wanderlust | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 56,957 | DR: 73
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Lonely Planet Travel news, travel guides, visual content, etc. Contribute
Hostelworld Budget travel inspiration, stories, tips, etc. Contribute Travel stories and experiences, destination guides, etc. Contribute
GlobalGrasshopper All travel-related topics, including travel blogs. Contribute
The Planet D Destination-specific travel guides, stories, and experiences. Contribute
eDreams Budget travel, adventure, practical tips, food, etc. Contribute
Mysterioustrip Travel stories, mysterious & haunted places, travel gear, etc. Contribute
Thrillophilia Travelogues, tips, stories, and all things related to travel. Contribute
Literary Traveler Book reviews, travel guest posts, hotel guides & reviews, gear, etc. Contribute
Women on the Road Destination guides and experiences from a female lens. Contribute

Finance Write for us

  1. Bigger Pockets | Would You Write For Us | Ahrefs Rank: 13,349 | DR: 80
  2. | Editorial Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 3,091 | DR: 87
  3. | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 4,301 | DR: 85
  4. Wise Bread | Write for Them | Ahrefs Rank: 26,588 | DR: 76
  5. Money Saving Mom | Guest Post Submission | Ahrefs Rank: 82,517 | DR: 71
  6. Modest Money | Guest Post Policy | Ahrefs Rank: 147,425 | DR: 66
  7. Geek Estate Blog | Write for GEB | Ahrefs Rank: 323,966 | DR: 57
  8. | Write for OilPrice | Ahrefs Rank: 13,804 | DR: 79
  9. Money Crashers | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 9,200 | DR: 81
  10. MoneyMiniBlog | Write For MoneyMiniBlog | Ahrefs Rank: 431,968 | DR: 54
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Money Crashers Investing, money management, retirement planning, estate planning, etc. Contribute
Save the Student Advice on how to make and save money for students. Contribute
Business 2 Community Business, finance, marketing, technology, social media, etc. Contribute
BiggerPockets Real estate investing and other topics related to financial investments. Contribute
Wise Bread Personal finance, frugal living, credit cards, life hacks, etc. Contribute
The Finance Wand Budegeting, debt, law, insurance, mortgage, trading, etc. Contribute
Money Saving Mom Tips on earning, managing, and saving money for moms. Contribute
IncomeDiary Entrepreneurship, making money online, website creation, and more. Contribute
The College Investor Student loans, investments, personal finance, etc. Contribute
Attention Trust Business, finance, automotive, lifestyle, technology, etc. Contribute


Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Dumb Little Man Motivation, relationships, well-being, etc. Contribute
Pick the brain Motivation, self-education, personal productivity, philosophy, and psychology. Contribute Goal setting, Natural health, stress management, alternative medicine, etc. Contribute
YourTango Relationships, love, and women’s issues. Contribute
Psychology Today Personal growth, goal setting, relationships, mental health etc. Contribute
Lifehack Work and success, brain power, productivity, motivation, spirituality, happiness etc. Contribute
Everyday Power Self-esteem, motivation, communication, productivity tools, career advice etc. Contribute
Great Big Minds Personal development, relationships, mindfulness, movement, etc. Contribute
mindbodygreen Transformative personal stories Contribute
Female Worth Self-worth, mental health, confidence, body image, etc. Contribute


Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
The Daily Meditation Spiritual lifestyle, yoga, etc. Contribute
Tiny Buddha Life experiences, insights and advice on overcoming challenges, etc. Contribute
The Indian Philosophy Blog Indian philosophy, book reviews, etc. Contribute
Ignatian Spirituality Spirituality, prayer, religious education Contribute
The Mindful Word Personal growth, mindfulness, meditation, holistic health, etc. Contribute
Sivana East Spirituality, yoga, mindfulness, holistic health, crystals, etc. Contribute
Patheos Religion, faiths, spirituality, etc. Contribute
Godspacelight Spirituality, social justice, and , sustainability. Contribute
Awaken Spirituality, yoga, meditation, philosophy, mindfulness, consciousness, etc. Contribute
Spiritual Business Spotlight Astrology, spiritual beliefs, Crystals, etc. Contribute

Health / Fitness Write for Us

  1. Natural News | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 7,183 | DR: 83
  2. | Submit Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 27,597 | DR: 76
  3. Well-Being Secrets | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 191,221 | DR: 63
  4. mindbodygreen | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 3,712 | DR: 86
  5. Tim Blog | Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 5,801 | DR: 84
  6. Idea Fit | Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 23,898 | DR: 77
  7. T Nation | Editorial Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 40,726 | DR: 74
  8. Trail Runner | Contributors | Ahrefs Rank: 100,424 | DR: 70
  9. Evidence-Based Nursing | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 622 | DR: 91
minbodygreen All health and wellness topics, covered by experts in the field. Contribute
Alternative Daily Stories, tips, and other guest posts related to alternative health. Contribute
American Council on Science and Health Science-backed, health-related topics, covered by experts. Contribute
CrossFit Journal Exercise science, physiology, biomechanics, etc. Contribute
Yoga Basics Guest posts related to Yoga, meditation, and yogic philosophy. Contribute
Breaking Muscle Healthy eating, fitness, workouts, and other related topics. Contribute
Everyday Power Self-improvement guest posts and quotes to help people. Contribute
BeautyGlimpse All topics related to beauty, health, and wellness. Contribute
Fitness Republic Fitness, yoga, muscle building, wellness, etc. Contribute
Hive Health Media Workout, nutrition, reviews (health-related apps & products). Contribute

Entertainment Write for us

  1. Milwaukee Magazine | Submission | Ahrefs Rank: 85,780 | DR: 71
  2. | Submit Guest Post | Ahrefs Rank: 42,038 | DR: 74
  3. | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 338,655 | DR: 57
Mashable Entertainment, social good, life, tech, and more. Contribute
BuzzTowns Entertainment, art, travel, relationships, fashion, beauty, and more. Contribute
ASMZine Entertainment, travel, lifestyle, wellbeing, technology, business, etc. Contribute
TurtleVerse Entertainment, travel, lifestyle, and a variety of other topics. Contribute
Flickering Myth Film, TV, comic books, video games, and pop culture. Contribute
WORLD OF BUZZ Social stories, opinion pieces, lifestyle, culture, entertainment, etc. Contribute
TVovermind TV, movies, video games, music, and entertainment. Contribute
Hidden Remote Daily news, opinions, recaps, and analysis of TV shows. Contribute
The Fandomentals Entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, TV, movies, etc. Contribute
PopMatters Pop culture, TV, movies, books, mixed media, and more. Contribute

Digital Marketing Accepting Guest Posts

  1. OnCrawl | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 52,655 | DR: 73
  2. ContactPigeon | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 134,103 | DR: 67
  3. ClickZ | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 5,548 | DR: 84
  4. Mediapost | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 2,245 | DR: 88
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Outbrain Digital marketing trends, tactics, and useful tips. Contribute
HubSpot Any topic under the gamut of digital marketing that they haven’t published yet. Contribute
Social Media Examiner Social media marketing tips, trends, tools, and more. Contribute
CoSchedule Content marketing, social media, email marketing, project management, etc. Contribute
MarketingProfs Enterprise business-to-business (B2B) marketing-related content. Contribute
Content Marketing Institute Content marketing tips, trends, tools, and more. Contribute
GetResponse Email marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, etc. Contribute
ShoutMeLoud WordPress tutorials, content marketing, SEO, social media, etc. Contribute
Benchmark Email Marketing best practices, social media strategies, SEO, etc. Contribute
The SITS Girls All topics related to blogging and social media. Contribute

Email Marketing Write for us

  1. GetResponse Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 1,700 | DR: 89
  2. BenchmarkEmail Blog | Write guest post | Ahrefs Rank: 6,158 | DR: 83
  3. Mailjet | Contributor Guidelines | Ahrefs Rank: 8,031 | DR: 82
  4. CXL | Guest Post Here | Ahrefs Rank: 4,206 | DR: 85

Social Media Marketing Write for us

  1. CoSchedule Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 3,834 | DR: 86
  2. Socialnomics | Contact | Ahrefs Rank: 59,361 | DR: 72
  3. Social Media Explorer | Work for us | Ahrefs Rank: 30,480 | DR: 76
  4. Agorapulse | Work for us | Ahrefs Rank: 3,839 | DR: 79
  5. Social Media Strategies Summit | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 153,104 | DR: 66
  6. | Submit News | Ahrefs Rank: 262,214 | DR: 66
  7. Social Media Revolver | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 282,768 | DR: 59

SEO Write for us

  1. TechWyse | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 71,033 | DR: 72
  2. MarketingTechNews | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 26,522 | DR: 76
  3. Mangools Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 29,766 | DR: 76
  4. RankWatch Blog | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 87,053 | DR: 71
  5. Serpstat Blog | Submit? | Ahrefs Rank: 18,456 | DR: 78
  6. Jeffbullas’s Blog | Writing Process | Ahrefs Rank: 8,371 | DR: 82
  7. Search Engine Watch | Become a Contributor | Ahrefs Rank: 2,267 | DR: 88
  8. Search Engine Land | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 883 | DR: 91
  9. Search Engine Roundtable | Contact us | Ahrefs Rank: 5,630 | DR: 84
  10. | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 69,728 | DR: 72
  11. | Contribute | Ahrefs Rank: 102,410 | DR: 70
  12. ResultFirst | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 998,976 | DR: 45
  13. EZ Rankings | Write for us | Ahrefs Rank: 114,288 | DR: 69
Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Famous Bloggers SEO, social media, digital marketing, blogging tips, etc. Contribute
Benchmark Email SEO, marketing best practices, social media strategies, etc. Contribute
Pole Position Marketing SEO, local SEO, conversion optimization, analytics, content marketing, etc. Contribute
iTechCode SEO, blogging tips, internet marketing, social media, etc. Contribute
TechPatio SEO, technology, marketing, etc. Contribute
Express Text SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, etc. Contribute
SEM Updates SEO, search engine marketing, digital marketing, PPC, etc. Contribute
PurelyThemes Reviews, tutorials, and any type of content related to SEO, marketing, WordPress, etc. Contribute
Blogging My Career SEO, social media, digital marketing Contribute
ResultFirst SEO, PPC, content marketing, etc. Contribute

Art and Crafts

Name Topics for Guest Posts Contribution Link
Crayon Box Chronicles Sensory crafts and activities, kids art projects, play-based learning crafts, etc. Contribute
Practically Functional Simple craft tutorials, DIY fun projects, cleaning and organizing tips, etc. Contribute
FineCraftGuild Any original content on crafts, decor, and DIY projects. Contribute
Think Crafts by CreateForLess All types of crafts and decor ideas and tips, DIY projects, etc. Contribute
Pyragraph Art, music, film/stage, design, writing, microbusiness, etc. Contribute
EmptyEasel Art tutorials about all kinds of drawings and paintings. Contribute
ArtProMotivate Unique, informative, and helpful guest posts related to art. Contribute
Communication Arts Ethical and social issues in the creative industry, helpful tips, etc. Contribute
The Abundant Artist Helpful tips on how to sell art both online and offline. Contribute
Beautiful Bizarre Artist interviews, exhibition reviews, and more. Contribute

Important Considerations

Considerations of utmost importance include ensuring that the chosen guest post platforms possess high domain ratings, receive significant daily traffic, and align with the desired target audience, all while maintaining adherence to the specific guidelines and requirements set forth by each individual site.

Guest post strategies as part of your search engine optimization campaign can greatly benefit businesses by providing valuable backlinks, increasing brand exposure, and driving targeted traffic to their websites. By selecting guest post sites with high domain ratings and substantial daily traffic, businesses can maximize the potential benefits of guest posting. Additionally, it is crucial to carefully review and follow the guidelines and requirements of each site to ensure that the content and pitch meet the necessary standards. By doing so, businesses can increase their chances of securing guest post opportunities on reputable and influential platforms.

Pitching and Content Guidelines

Pitching and content guidelines are essential factors to consider when seeking guest post submissions on reputable and influential platforms. To increase the chances of getting accepted, it is crucial to employ effective outreach strategies and craft compelling guest post pitches. Here are some tips to help you navigate the pitching process successfully:

  • Research the target website: Familiarize yourself with the website’s content, style, and audience to tailor your pitch accordingly.
  • Personalize your pitch: Address the recipient by name and highlight why your quality guest post would be valuable to their readers and that it meets their guest post guidelines.
  • Showcase your expertise: Demonstrate your knowledge and experience in the chosen topic to establish credibility.
  • Follow guidelines: Pay close attention to the website’s guidelines and requirements for guest bloggers, including word count, formatting, and acceptable topics.
  • Provide unique and high-quality content: Ensure your guest post is original, well-written, and offers valuable insights or solutions to the readers.
  • Follow up politely: If you don’t hear back after pitching, send a polite follow-up email to express your continued interest.

Implementing these strategies can greatly enhance your chances of securing guest posting opportunities on these prestigious platforms.

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