Blogger Outreach Services – Complete Guide

Using a blogger outreach service is nothing new, especially to a somebody who has been in the SEO business for some time.

A blogger outreach services is typically considered when your start seeing competitors of yours creeping up on your rankings after you see large number of links being built to their domain.

Or maybe you’ve seen a new competitor domain popup in the SERPs with massive search engine rankings and organic traffic. Suddenly the site has become one of the most relevant blogs in the niche, commanding massive domain authority.

You’re left to wonder how this is possible over a relatively short period of time.

This is the power of blogger outreach services at work.

To surface in the top positions, there will come a time when you would have to engage in blogger outreach services, either through regular link building campaigns or even in the form of ghost blogging style.

You may even need to run a blogger outreach campaign yourself or in your organization, or work with a blogger outreach agency to make this work. Keep reading to learn more about the best blogger outreach strategy and the best blogger outreach service to employ.

What Is a Blogger Outreach Service?

“Blogger outreach” refers to a kind of marketing. It is one in which a company reaches out to influential bloggers or those with a large readership to promote a product or service. It is quite different than the so called influencer marketing which is primarily aimed to get a boost in traffic or sales. But it still plays a huge role in online success, because we would typically use blogger outreach to build links to our sites and money pages.

Content marketing strategies (such as guest posting by marketing professionals) and collaborations are at the heart of blogger outreach. Blogger outreach is the first step in a link building campaign, where one then builds links to a site they want to rank making use of an exact match anchor text target URL or other variations to boost a site’s organic traffic.

For blogger outreach to work, one must find websites in an adjacent field to his or her industry. For example, an upcoming fashion company can partner with a fabric company that has established domain authority.

In this case, you both have access to the same market without directly competing with one other. You both cater to the same general population but provide distinctly different products. Thanks to this, you draw in more customers. Plus, if they like what you offer, they become good contacts and relationships which you can leverage in the future.

Types of Blogger Outreach Services

There are different types of blogger outreach, depending on the means used to reach potential audience. Below are some of the types of blogger outreach campaigns:

Sponsored Social Media Posts

One of the most effective forms of blogger outreach is the use of sponsored posts. This can result in an unexpected but highly beneficial expansion of your brand’s reach.

Bloggers receive compensation to write and post sponsored content on their website. These will have clickable text and images that lead them to your company’s website. Sponsored articles cost more if the blogger you’re contacting has a large following. Also, if the post you want them to publish is particularly lengthy or complex, the charges will increase.

Guest Posting

Writing and publishing articles elsewhere online (known as “guest blogging” or “guest posting”) is a kind of content marketing. Your byline will appear on these items. Also, the editor of the website (or newspaper) will most likely call attention to the fact that you are a “guest author” or “contributor”. For SEO purposes, one would want to avoid a guest post from being labelled as such, because these links can be recognised as being built for manipulation reasons.

In some cases, you may be compensated for your guest post financially, if you command a lot of respect in your industry.

However, this is not a rare situation for certain quality blogs. As an alternative to monetary compensation, certain newspapers can provide you with exposure. This exposure will come in the form of quality backlinks with anchor text target reflecting your website.

In recent years, the tables have turned and now webmasters have understood the value that a link offers to an SEO campaign, so webmaster are now actually charging fees to be able to add a link to their content.

The latter (guest posts against a fee) are the types of links that we offer at

But this is the primary reason why blogger outreach services are used, to obtain relevant backlinks in related content links that appear within posts with target URLs relating to the anchor text in question.

These links within a blog post will be used by search algorithms as “votes” towards your site and hence will direct organic traffic to the anchor text target URL.

Also, note that for your guest post to be worthy, it must be written on sites with strong domain authority. A site with domain authority is essentially a site that has been around for some time and has already obtained itself a number of backlinks.

For your blogger outreach and link building campaign to be seen as effective, you will need to write top-notch content with the right word count and relevant external links as necessary. You’ll need to evaluate suitable opportunities to build links to your own content. Of course, you need to be careful with your link building and link placement so it won’t look like you want to take the spotlight.

Giveaways and Incentives

Blogger outreach strategies that include giveaways are extremely effective since they benefit both bloggers and the company. Most bloggers often conduct contests in which products donated by businesses are given away to readers.

Hosting giveaways on YouTube, blogs, or any other social media campaign is a great way to gain exposure for the company. The blogger hosting the giveaway also enjoys more google rankings. It raises overall recognition of the brand and piques the interest of potential buyers.

Keep in mind that whatever you’re giving away has to interest your audience. Furthermore, you should have things they will be interested in if you want to turn them to longtime customers.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are the other mainstay of blogger outreach. Instead of paying for reviews, many companies now choose to offer free product samples to bloggers and influencers. The critique could be in the form of an instructive social media video or image.

Most bloggers and influencers are pleased with their packages and share their appreciation with their readers. Blogger outreach isn’t complete without including product reviews. They are a surefire way to get the kind of attention your brand needs.

Product Features

Highlighting the product’s benefits rather than simply the reviews is a great strategy to employ when blogging about a product. This type of blogger outreach campaign is similar to prodoct reviews. However, here, the product you propose will not be reviewed formally, but rather discussed as part of a larger theme.

How to Create Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Carrying out blogger outreach is a simple and straightforward process. If followed rigorously, you should have no issues. Here are the steps to take:

Understand the Aim

Before launching a blogger outreach service or blogger outreach links, it’s crucial to establish concrete goals. Make a plan for the outreach effort you intend to launch and the blogger outreach pricing. With this, you can gauge your progress toward these targets. More sales can be achieved by setting objectives that focus on increasing the number of prospective customers.

Build a Roadmap

Reaching out to bloggers is most effective when predicated on well-defined objectives. The easiest way to determine which blogger will do the best for your brand is to lay up a plan and stick to it.

One of your objectives may be to increase blog traffic and reader participation through guest posts. Then you should specify how you intend to evaluate success. Finding the proper blogger is easy if you know what you’re looking for.

Know the Target Blog Owner

Now that you know where you want to go, it’s time to start researching for your blog outreach. You need to start figuring out your target audience and the type of platform your target blog owner runs.

The internet allows you to compile a list of influential bloggers who might help your company succeed. Once you have gotte this information, imput them in a spreadsheet and rank them according to your preferences. With this, you can determine the influencer that is most beneficial to your brand.

Afterward, you can begin searching for their contact details as you’ll need to reach out and pitch them your material. Another important step is to use specialized websites that allow you to search for email addresses by the domain name.

Identify the Benefits You Offer

Now that you have a clear picture of your target bloggers, you can launch your outreach stage. The first step towards an improved blogger outreach process is to start thinking about how your service or product can assist your prospects. Remeber that people will patronize you onky when you have something that can help them solve a problem.

Construct Your Message

After you’ve made an enticing hook, you can craft a message. It all comes down to the content of the email you write, which will reveal whether or not your efforts were worthwhile. Ensure that your draft is easy to read, and that it accurately depicts the service you are providing. When contacting bloggers, it’s better to be direct and to the point.

Manage Your Project

If you have signed with the blogger you want, you can evaluate the campaign, rewrite plans, and boost output. Develop a method for reaching out to others that will help you run your campaign more easily and better organize your emails. You can even decide to build an outreach team or hire a dedicated account manager or services like only Client Link.

Study Results

Success metrics require in-depth examination. Best practices for blogger outreach include keeping track of your progress and refining your approach. Gather the team together to discuss the campaign’s results and look for any holes.

Getting responses and using them to improve future blogger outreach efforts becomes less of a hassle. The use of tracking technologies allows you to see if a prospect has downloaded any content from your offered links or not.

Best Practices for Blogger Outreach

Don’t just reach out to bloggers to give your business a spike. Here are some best practices to consider:

Reach Out to Bloggers in Your Niche

Finding bloggers who fit in with your brand’s voice is crucial. That’s because working with an influencer whose followers isn’t in line with your brand might backfire. It’s worse if the blogger operates in an entirely different niche than your own.

Blogger outreach is only worthwhile if you reach out to influencers who are both authoritative and relevant to your brand. Evaluate the size and engagement of their potential viewership and domain authority before you begin link building.

Grow Your Relationships

Know exactly what you want from the blogger before you provide anything to them. Building trust with a domain authority over time may have a significant impact on a brand’s ability to attract new customers. Building trust with an audience and a company requires interaction and the ability to effectively cultivate relationships on both sides.

Don’t Ignore Your Unique Selling Point

If your product or service is unique, you have a better chance of success. It’s important to keep in mind that competitors may provide a similar service.

Market your offering in a way that makes it stand out from the competition. Explain what makes your pitch stand out from the crowd, and why a blogger should listen to you instead of the competition. With this, you will certainly acquire backlinks and in content links when you pitch.

What is a Blogger Outreach Agency?

When going for blogger outreach, you don’t need to run through the processes yourself. You can simply hire a blogger outreach service. An outreach team will run everything like sending out your blogger outreach links, link placements, and handling multiple clients. They will even provide you with white label reports, high quality links, and access to high authority websites.

Some Recommended Blogger Outreach Agencies

Here is the top blogger outreach service you can hire today:

Instalinko is the top link building agency with professional link building strategies and quality link placements. Instalinko will help you with the right target url and the right anchor text to scale your website on search engines. Their link building is sure to yield organic traffic, promoting your website URL altogether.

Ninja Outreach

This company is a suitable link building partner for contextual backlinks with suitable anchor texts and other secure placements. They are perfect for link placement and other niche relevant services.

Money Pages

Money Pages is known for their guest posting services. They focus on driving organic traffic to your company’s website and building its performance on search engines. Its secure placements coupled with its monthly subscription packages make the service worth it.


Blogger outreach is one of the most effective ways to perform link building campaigns. Given the time-intensive nature of blogger outreach, you might want to checkout some link building marketplaces that can perform such outreach on your behalf. Once you quality backlinks on posts with good relevance to tour target URLs, you’ll be able improve your domain authority and consequently, your rankings!

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