Expired Domains – What Are They And How Do I Get Them?

Have you heard about expired domains but not sure whether you understand what they are all about?

But let’s start from the very beginning or what an expired domain might be needed.

Have you thought about building authority sites and what it would cost you?

As part of building an authority site, you’ll need to learn how to get backlinks. Of course, everyone wants to be recognized among the best domains in their various niches.

Even people who launch a new website with a completely new brand name want it to be among the top platforms as quickly as possible.

The honest reality is that you’ll need to put in some work – a lot sometimes – before you can establish a great domain.

There are important metrics and quality content requirements that must come into play before your platform can become that great, especially in terms of organic traffic.

However, there is a way to make everything much easier.

One of the methods is by buying expired domain names.

In this post, we’ll discuss extensively, the idea of buying expired domains and how trashed domain names can come in handy.

You’ll also get to know how to find expired domain names and some of the best places to buy expired domains at an affordable price range.

Read on to the end for a comprehensive breakdown of buying expired domains.

Best Places to Buy Expired Domains

Do you know you can buy expired domains without having to do the work of searching for an expired domain yourself?

You just need to go through domain registrars that allow you to find domains with seo value. Some may also be auction sites that offer deleted domains of value to competent buyers.

Below are some of the best sites to get great domains for domain investors and regular users:

Expired Domains

ExpiredDomains.net is a comprehensive online platform that provides valuable resources for domain investors, web developers, and entrepreneurs. This website offers a wide range of tools and services to assist users in finding expired domain names, analyzing domain metrics, monitoring domain auctions, and researching domain trends.

Whether users are looking for expired domains with high authority, valuable backlinks, or specific keywords, ExpiredDomains.net offers intuitive search filters and detailed domain metrics to help users make informed decisions.

GoDaddy Auctions

Premium expired domains are frequently featured on GoDaddy Auctions, one of the best auction sites. Hence, it is an excellent domain auction location to locate newly available domain names that have just expired.

GoDaddy is the wholesaler from which all the retail markets carry out their domain registration. Hence, this is where you’ll discover the best deals on dumped domain names. Getting access to their lively domain auction marketplace is well worth the annual membership fee of $4.99. Those with the winning bid would easily get some of the best expired domains.

ODYS Global

ODYS Global is a corporation that specializes in buying and selling premium expired domain names to web developers. They are a dedicated team that searches for the best expired domains, saving time and effort for beginners and reducing the associated risk.

If the available inventory doesn’t suit your demands, they also provide a service to locate an expiring domain branded to the specific specialty you choose.

Domain Hunter Gatherer

Domain Hunter Gatherer will offer you the right old site and older domains to make your site an excellent one. With its advanced filtering methods, you can narrow down your search results to get what suits you.


There is a specialized market called SerpDomains where you may buy spam-verified, previously-expired domains. These expired domains are excellent candidates for affiliate or informational websites, or for use as referring domains into active projects.


Spamzilla is a fantastic tool for finding expired domains with page authority. It is continually searching numerous search engines for dropped domain with good search rankings. It also provides the user with the option to arrange them by niche, age, and other criteria in search results. Other domain investors who invests significant effort to rack and buy expired domains all recommend this tool.


There is a public domain marketplace called Dropcatch where you can buy and sell an expired domain. There are hundreds of recently dropped domains with domain authority up for grabs in these public auctions. Those with the maximum bid get the desired expired domains in such domain auction.


SEO.domains is a specialized platform dedicated to providing premium domain names tailored for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. This website offers a curated selection of domain names that are strategically chosen to enhance online visibility and improve search engine rankings for businesses and individuals.

With a focus on keyword-rich domain names and SEO-friendly attributes, SEO.domains aims to empower users to boost their online presence and attract more organic traffic to their websites.

What Is an Expired Domain?

An expired domain is a result of an existing website domain that has exceeded its expiration date and grace period as well.

Every hosted domain name has a subscribed period on a domain name registrar.

The owner of the domain name is expected to carry out re registration on or before the set date pending delete.

If the owner of a domain name fails to renew it, the expiring domain gets taken down by the domain registrar. The existing website at that URL is now inaccessible, and the domain name is now a dead end, it’s url won’t resolve so it will throw an error when it is tried to be accessed in a browser.

The expired domain can have value, once it expires, because the expiring domain name that is now accessible to other buyers.

Due to the domain history, its link juice, link profile, previous website niche, the value of the domain name may become significant to anybody who is looking for these things.

There is a possibility that a site with good domain history and backlink profile will be the catalyst for a new site to get traction.

Millions of expired domains are up for grabs, yet only a minority of them are good expired domains. Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of sites with a good expired domain name, remain, all of which can bring significant SEO value when redirected to a new domain.

Benefits of Buying Expired Domains

Here are some of the benefits you can win when you buy expired domains:

1. Backlink Profile

A lot of expired domains would have existing backlinks. The only way an expired domain would not have this is if the previous owner manually removed every connection to their website, which is very hard to achieve … and is typically something the previous owner would not be interested in doing.

The quality of backlinks of an expired domain are important and it varies widely from one website to the next. However, with little detective work, you may find a domain with quality backlinks heading in its direction.

Having such a backlink profile already makes sure that you don’t need to buy backlinks at the same rate as a new domain.

2. Domain Age

Almost all expired domains were previously registered and used. This means that the average domain age of an expired domain will be many years older than recently dropped domain names. How much older depends on the specific site in question, but because age generally improves search engine rankings, this domain age is usually a good thing.

In most cases, expired domains with an older domain age to them are preferable. It’s a good indicator to Google and the other search engines if your website has been there for a while. In addition to being a part of EAT and maybe Google’s ranking algorithm, this facilitates search engine indexes for fresh material.

One can use the Wayback machine to see how old a site is.

3. Traffic

A website that already has visitors is off to a wonderful start. This may be the result of users searching for the name of a brand, or just entering a specific URL. It is also more likely to be returning visitors who were familiar with the old site and were curious as to its current status.

That already-existing traffic is an opening to demonstrate value to Google immediately.

Traffic from other search engines not only diversifies away from Google but is also seen by many SEOs as a positive SEO signal. Existing traffic is merely regular visitors, but every visitor is an opportunity to expand your audience and boost sales.

Uses of Expired Domains

It’s not just about buying up expired domains. Here are some of the uses of dropped domain names:

1. Building Authority Sites

This is a common way to put an expired domain to use. Finding a domain name that already has a strong track record and good backlinks from high-authority sources is a huge boon when launching a new website.

Domain professionals can assess whether or not they have a shot at ranking well in a topic just by looking at the page authority of an expired domain. It’s far simpler to create authority sites from an expired domain than it is to start from scratch, and it may generate a lot of revenue.

2. PBN Building

Many in the SEO/web development sphere frown upon the use of a private blog network (PBN). Yet, there’s no denying their SEO potential. Site owners will be interested in acquiring backlinks from sites with domain authority. Moreover, PBNs may be highly effective and lucrative if managed properly.

3. 301 Redirect to Main Site

By using a 301 redirect, you may transfer the domain authority of a previously-existing domain to a new domain. If you set up a 301 redirect properly, the authority from the expiring domains will be transferred to your active domains.

Finding Expired Domain Names

As earlier said, buying an expired domain name takes more than just buying an attractive name. There are metrics to consider when you want to buy expired domain names.

You have to know how to find expired domains correctly.

These metrics cover the age of the site, its authority, traffic, backlinks, etc. However, below are some of the additional factors to take into consideration when finding expired domains:

Google Index Status

Is there still a response from Google when you enter the domain name in? A website’s link authority decreases over time if the domain hasn’t been used.

If a domain name that has expired recently is still indexed by Google, even if only for its domain name, it’s a good clue that it hasn’t lost all of its relevance.

Majestic Trust Flow

This measure comes from the widely used SEO tool Majestic. This measure examines the reliability of a website by calculating the ratio of the linked website’s quality to the quality of the site being evaluated (“trust”).

This is the mechanism through which trust flow takes place. Higher domain authority comes from having links from other, similarly credible websites.

Majestic Citation Flow

It’s identical to Trust Flow, except for the “Trust” prefix. Simply said, it evaluates a website’s credibility by counting the number of other websites that link to it. In this sense, a larger number of backlinks would boost Citation Flow without necessarily boosting Trust Flow.

Social Media Authority

Your domain’s social media authority increases in proportion to the amount of shares, comments, and likes it receives on various social media platforms. While this is known as a backlink in traditional SEO, the term “social signal” is more commonly used when discussing online social networks.

It won’t count as a backlink, but Google will still take notice (a “social signal”) that the domain was mentioned. To develop social signals, even if they are very unimportant to search engine rankings, is nevertheless a significant undertaking.

How to Buy Expired Domains

Buying an expired domain is a simple process. The procedure is the same regardless of where you make your purchase.

Your winning offer at the end of an auction for a previously registered domain name must be the highest for you to be the successful buyer of the expired domain. Use the “Maximum Bid” facilities if they are available. There may be snipers waiting until the last minute to put in a high bid for a good old domain name flying under the radar.

Also, you can check to determine whether the name is for sale and if so, you can come to an agreement on a price.

The most challenging aspect of buying good expired domains is not making the purchase itself. It is actually finding the finest expired domains you can get a decent bargain on.

The expired domain industry has become quite a large market these days, so doing the work of going through auctions yourself might be a bit time-consuming.


Whether you have a private blog network or a public site, watch out to renew it before the domain expires. You should understand that once the domain expires, it joins the available domain names list in the view of search engines. For those who consider their website important, you don’t want to risk this; never let it exceed the grace period.

On the other hand, if you’re one who wishes to start up with new domains, you can certainly go for expired domains. There are so many benefits to enjoy from buying an expired domain. Just ensure you follow the right processes discussed in this post to get your perfect dropped domain.

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