Pillow Link Building : An Underused Strategy

In the world of SEO, there is a hidden gem known as “Pillow Link Building.” Like a well-placed pillow, these links provide a comfortable and supportive foundation for a website’s link profile. Often overlooked, pillow links offer numerous benefits that can significantly enhance a website’s online presence. But what exactly are pillow links?

These links, also referred to as low-hanging fruit, may not boost domain authority, but they play a vital role in any comprehensive link-building strategy. Whether built before, during, or after regular link-building campaigns, pillow links serve different purposes. They establish a strong base, show Google that the site exists, and can even rectify potential issues in the link profile.

By diversifying the types of anchors and link sources, such as social profiles, blog comments, directories, and forum posts, websites can improve their overall link profile and drive valuable referral traffic. To truly understand the power of pillow link building, it is crucial to explore its benefits, optimal timing, and various methods of implementation.

Key Takeaways

  • Pillow link building is a strategy to diversify a website’s link profile and avoid an unnatural link profile that may appear to the Google algorithm.
  • Pillow links are low-hanging fruit and won’t increase domain authority, but they are essential for any link-building strategy.
  • Pillow links can be built before, during, or after regular link-building campaigns to establish a base, fix potential issues, and improve anchor ratio and dofollow/nofollow link ratio.
  • Blog comments, directories, blogging sites, and forum posts are effective ways to build pillow links and diversify the types of links pointing to a page.

What are Pillow Links?

Pillow links, which are an essential component of any link-building strategy, serve to diversify a website’s link profile and can be built before, during, or after regular link-building campaigns to establish a base, improve anchor ratio, and balance the dofollow/nofollow link ratio.

To effectively find pillow link opportunities, it is important to employ certain strategies. One effective strategy is to analyze the link profiles of top-ranking pages using tools like Ahrefs.

pillow links not necessary here with many branded anchors

By comparing your link profile to those of successful pages, you can identify potential areas for improvement and adjust your approach accordingly. Additionally, building relationships with niche-related websites and blogs can help in acquiring pillow links. This can be done through blog comments, directories, and forum posts. By following these strategies, website owners can effectively build pillow links and enhance their overall link-building strategy.

Benefits of Pillow Links

Diversifying a website’s link profile through the incorporation of varied link sources can result in a more natural and balanced link profile, thereby enhancing the site’s credibility and authority. An analysis conducted by Ahrefs revealed that top-ranking pages tend to have a diverse range of link types, including social profiles, blog comments, directories, and forum posts, highlighting the importance of pillow links in achieving a well-rounded link profile.

  • Importance of anchor text diversity in pillow link building: Pillow links allow for the use of different types of anchors, which helps diversify the link profile and avoid an unnatural link profile that may raise suspicion. This improves the overall search ranking and visibility of the website.
  • The role of pillow links in improving search engine rankings: Incorporating pillow links into a link-building strategy helps improve the anchor ratio and dofollow/nofollow link ratio, which are important factors in search engine rankings. By building pillow links, website owners can establish a base and show search engines like Google that the site exists, thereby increasing the chances of higher rankings.

When to Build Pillow Links

Timing is an important consideration for incorporating pillow links into a comprehensive link-building campaign. When it comes to pillow link building, the importance of anchor text cannot be underestimated. Anchor text, which is the text attached to a link, plays a crucial role in search ranking.

However, keyword-optimized anchors can create an unnatural link profile. Therefore, building pillow links through social profiles can be an effective strategy. Social profiles provide an opportunity to diversify the types of links pointing to a page and improve the anchor ratio. By creating social profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, website owners can include links to their pages with different types of anchors. This not only enhances the link profile but also drives traffic to the website through social media engagement.

Types of Pillow Link Anchors

To effectively optimize a website’s link profile, it is important to consider the various types of anchors that can be used for pillow links. The anchor text attached to a link plays a crucial role in search rankings, but having a keyword-optimized anchor text for all pillow links can create an unnatural link profile.

Therefore, diversifying anchor text is essential to maintain a natural link profile. This can be achieved by using different types of anchors such as branded anchors, naked URLs, generic anchors, and long-tail anchors.

By incorporating a mix of these anchor types, a website can attract natural pillow links that appear organic to search engines. Strategies for attracting natural pillow links include creating high-quality content that naturally attracts links, building relationships with influencers and bloggers in the industry, and actively engaging in online communities and forums. By following these strategies and diversifying anchor text, website owners can effectively utilize pillow link building to enhance their link profile and improve search rankings.

Anchor Type Example Purpose
Branded Anchor Nike Shoes Promote brand recognition and build brand authority
Naked URL www.example.com Directly link to the website without any anchor text
Generic Anchor Click here Non-specific anchor that adds context to the link
Long-tail Anchor Best running shoes for women Include specific keywords for targeted optimization

Building Pillow Links through Blogging

One effective method for incorporating pillow links into a website’s link profile involves leveraging blogging platforms to attract natural backlinks. This strategy allows website owners to publish posts on platforms such as Medium and Quora, which not only diversify metrics but also provide an opportunity to target specific pages and anchors.

By guest posting on relevant blogs, website owners can tap into existing audiences and generate referral traffic. Additionally, building pillow links through influencer collaborations can be an effective approach. Collaborating with influencers in the same niche can result in high-quality backlinks and increased visibility. Overall, leveraging blogging platforms and influencer collaborations offer valuable opportunities for building pillow links and diversifying a website’s link profile.

Building Pillow Links through Directories

Directories can be a valuable method for incorporating pillow links into a website’s link profile, as they provide an easy and diverse way to build links and drive traffic to the site. Niche-specific directories, such as Clutch, are especially beneficial for pillow link building.

These directories cater to specific industries or niches, allowing websites to gain relevant and high-quality backlinks. General directories that accept sites from any niche can also be utilized for pillow link building. By adding your site to these directories, you can diversify your link profile and potentially attract referral traffic. Additionally, blogging sites like Medium and Quora offer opportunities for pillow link building. These platforms allow you to publish posts and choose target pages and anchors, providing control over the content and links. By utilizing directories and blogging sites, websites can effectively incorporate pillow links into their overall link-building strategy.

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